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Removing wrinkles from clothing when there’s no iron (and too lazy do it yourself)

It occurred quite often to me when I pack my clothes neatly into my luggage before traveling only to find that the piece I wanted to wear is wrinkled once I unpack it at the hotel. Being on the go, there was no iron available. Well, even if there was, I was too lazy to iron it myself.

An easy solution to remove wrinkles from my t-shirt is simply by spraying plain water solution into the wrinkled area. Wait, it’s not even a solution. Just water with nothing added. The damp t-shirt is then straightened and hang to dry.

For an even spray you could bring a small atomizer with your luggage. It’s obviously much more easy to carry than bringing an iron!

Aside from plain water, you could also use alcohol or unflavored vodka onto the wrinkled area. Alcohol evaporates faster than water, plus it also works as deodorant for extra freshness.

When you are not traveling and just doing your laundry, this is also a key to get a straight clothing without ironing. With your clean clothes half-dry, spread the clothes and hang them to dry. This may work better with particular material such as polyester.