Write notes to declutter your mind and increase productivity

When you feel so much is going in your head, it may stressed you out, induces anxiety, and hampers productivity. Sometimes it feels like there are too much things to do and to little time and energy to do it. Anything that we put aside and not do keeps haunting in the back of our mind. When we are completing our work in the office, there is a nagging thoughts about the trash bag we haven’t thrown away. This steals our precious brain capacity to concentrate and thus reduces our productivity.

But what if we don’t have time yet to attend such things? Or when they are simply ideas and opportunities that we want to do sometime but not now?

The easiest way to declutter our mind is by writing it down. Get a notebook or just a piece of paper and write whatever comes to mind. By jotting it down, it materialize all the thoughts into something tangible. Because our brain is a thinking machine that wouldn’t stop thinking, writing it down essentially takes the thoughts out of mind and allow our brain to stop thinking about it as it knows that the thoughts are not lost.

In computer analog, it is like having a piece of data loaded into RAM. RAM needs to stay powered on so that that particular data are not lost. The moment power is cut off, all the data is lost. Sounds exhausting eh? But when the data has been transferred to the Harddisk, it can safely unload and remove the data from RAM, knowing that it can easily get them back from the Harddisk when needed to.

By transferring the thoughts into a piece of paper, we free our mind capacity to think about something else, or to maximize the capacity for concentrating on the thing we are currently attending.